Flash  Games are one of the term when it comes to play games instantly without going into hassle  of installing the game on your System which  will occupy majority of space on your Drive and the Suck the RAM out of it while playing. Besides nowadays people are used to play games instantly and want to have the real gameplay even they are going somewhere, traveling,  or in one of your friends house.

These games are broadly famous around the world and can be played with your browser and all you need is a flash player. These games can be found in several categories too such as Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Shooting, Arcade and many others. As there are many sites out there which provides  these games for you but the hard part is using the best flash game, so here are 5 best flash games given below which you must play.

Run 3

Run 3 is one of the popular and widely played game. The game Run 3 is the third version from the Run series. The previous two versions Run 1 and Run 2 both were such a great fun too but as much as this one. In compare to its previous versions this game has better graphics, and broad gameplay. The concept of this game is to keep the player/object running and not letting fall into space. The path give in which you will be running becomes harder and harder by each level. There will be holes in your path which will make you fall into space but you have to go through without falling, so you must keep jumping and make through the each level successfully.

Line Rider

Line Rider is one of the best and old game to play but the thing which makes the game advance is you. In the game you will be drawing a line which means the road in the game which lets your Rider flow on the line. The main task In this game to make the hardest line ever made and let the rider Ride the line without falling outside the line. This game has thousand of gameplay on youtube about making the hardest line which makes it more popular. You will be using a Pencil to draw a line which and buttons on your game screen to make it ride.

Happy Wheels

This game is one of the top flash games and played by millions of users every month. This game was developed in early 2010 and since when it becomes popular worldwide. The thing which makes it famous worldwide is the crazyness of this game which is like the torture for the character you will be using. You have to make through each level without breaking any part of the character’s body.

Mutilate a doll 2

This one is another best game where you will be exploring the ways to kill or Mutilate a doll. There are severa tools which you can use to mutilate the doll, each tool is a unique killing machine, you can combine more than one tool to make the doll explode.


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